• CHIST After School Program

  • Program Summary  

    Our program is structured around three main elements.

    Study Hall

    We will help students on their academic studies and homework during this time. Students are separated into different groups according to their grade and are supervised by a bilingual teacher.
    When the students come across a problem, teachers will help lead the student to the answer, rather than giving them the answer directly. Students find solution through inquiry and collaboration.

    ② After School Care

    Activities are chosen according to a theme, allowing the students to enhance their creativity in a thriving classroom.

    ③ Special Programs

    Students have access to special classes and time-limited programs for an additional price while attending our after school program. We provide a range of programs such as art, ICT and Sports.


    Students will be led to their designated classrooms after school. Classrooms are created to provide an environment with that is condveive to learning yet welcoming.
    We provide a homely environment where students can easily express their interest and creativity.

    For a safe supervision:

    We are using an app to make it easier for us to communicate with you about our daily after school programs.
    We will be able to directly inform you about your children and keep a record of their progress through this app.

    Class Dojo is an app that has been widely used among classrooms in the US or around the world, helping parents to easily get in touch with teachers.

  • Weekly Schedule

  • Special Programs

    These are the planned programs for the current school year.

    Since the grand opening of CHIST, the school has accumulated various extensive programs for students focused on the subjects such as art, ICT, and sports. This year, we will introduce several seasonal programs including sports, art, and dance. Instead of focusing on developing one particular skill, we encourage students to build a wide range of skills throughout the year. Each student will have the opportunity to explore various specialized fields, and greatly expand their personal interests and knowledge.


    We are also starting a program to help children of expats, and returnee students from overseas understand more about the Japanese culture. Additionally, the first medical school program in Japan will be starting towards the end of 2018.


    The after school program contents are expected to change every year and we will carry out surveys in order to further expand our programs in accordance to students' needs and interest.


    We are confident in providing high-quality programs that are unique to CHIST and are looking forward to working with your families!

  • Special Program Partner

    Sony Global Education

    Liverpool FC International Academy

    YouTuber Academy


  • ClassDojo

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